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A Wordpress SEO Agency with Proven Results - For Just $499 p/mth.

Since 2012, LBD Marketing has approached SEO with a different approach to most agencies.

Whilst being ranked on the first page of Google is great (and the ultimate goal), what happens once they click on your website?

We've found that 95% of websites are built without a focus on actually generating a lead from a website visitor.

At LBD SEO, we build custom landing pages on your Wordpress website, based on the keywords you select to ensure your offering is laser targeted and an increased chance of generating an actual lead.

There's only one condition - You must have a WORDPRESS website. 

We've based our reputation on our proven results, and our ability to offer a fixed price service with unmatched features.

Mitch Gibson - Founder of LBD SEO

How Does It Work?

When it comes to actually ranking on Google, most SEO agencies are the same (Yes, we admit it!)

So how are we different? Two words - LANDING PAGES!

A landing page is like a mini website, but is targeted to a specific offer with the goal of capturing a clients details, generally via an enquiry form.

The key difference is a normal website averages a conversion rate of less than 2% where a landing page converts at 11% on average.

Here is an example of a normal website compared to a landing page:

A normal website has no direct lead generation form on the homepage.

A normal website has a navigation menu to distract them away from the offer.

A landing page has a clear offer and lead generation form to capture the prospects details. 

A landing page has no navigation menu as we don't want to distract them away from filling in the lead generation form.

Full Keyword Research Report

Once you have agreed, we will conduct a full keyword research report with up to 30 relevant keywords within 24 hours.

Pricing & Inclusions

Our pricing is a fixed fee of $499 per month including GST.

We require you to commit for a minimum of 3 months. In exchange for this, you will recieve:

6 Optimised Keywords

Once you receive your keyword report, you can then choose 6 keywords to use for your campaign

3 Landing Pages

Once you chose your 6 keywords, we will design and create up to 3 landing pages with an offer that is relevant to your keyword selection.

Fortnightly Reporting

Every 14 days you will receive an SEO ranking report to track how your campaign is performing.

Jam & Co

Jam & Co are a packaging and branding agency located in Sydney.

LBD has produced 1st page results for the following keywords:

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Packaging Design

Packaging Design Sydney

Branding Companies

First Choice Mortgage Brokers

First Choice are a mortgage broker located in Sydney.

LBD has produced 1st page results for the following keywords:

Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage Brokers Sydney

Sydney Mortgage Brokers

Be Software

Be Software are a case management software provider located in Sydney.

LBD has produced 1st page results for the following keywords:

Injury Management Software

Personal Injury Claims Software

Case Management Software

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